Injury Prevention & Concussion Awareness

Organized sports, like tackle football, are a great way for children to be active and stay healthy while learning discipline, the benefits of hard work, and camaraderie. But like hockey, rugby, sledding/tobogganing, and many other physical activities, there is always an element of risk and a chance that your child could be injured during practice or in a game.

It is part of Football Canada’s mission, and that of its affiliates, including the Kemptville Minor Football Club, to minimize the risk of injury and ensure that all players have a safe and enjoyable season. Injuries can, and will, happen, however, we strive to mitigate the risk of injury and concussion through safe contact programs, coach certification, and concussion awareness training and rehabilitation.

Safe Contact

Richard McLean, former President of Football Canada, has said “Football Canada and its member provincial organizations are committed to the safety of our athletes.” Part of that commitment was the implementation of the Safe Contact program. Safe Contact teaches safe tackling and blocking techniques along with safety education and awareness. These safe contact techniques are taught to all players at the start of every season and at every age level.

Coach Certification

Since 2017 the Ontario Football Alliance (OFA) has made Safe Contact training mandatory for all its coaches. All KMFC coaches are required to attend and complete Safe Contact certification before they can take the field.

In addition to Safe Contact training, coaches are also required to complete Making Head Way concussion awareness training.

Concussion Awareness & Rehabilitation

Even with the Safe Contact program, injuries and concussions do happen. When a player shows recognizable symptoms of a concussion, they are removed from play per the concussion recognition and awareness protocol.

Before returning to play, a concussed player must meet all the criteria laid out in the Return to Play Protocol.

Kemptville Physiotherapy Centre

Part of the concussion rehabilitation protocol can include consultations with the Kemptville Physiotherapy Centre. There are representatives from the Kemptville Physio Centre at all KMFC Jags home games to assess and treat injuries.

The Kemptville Physiotherapy Centre also offers concussion baseline testing and concussion rehabilitation.

More Information

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