Health & Safety

Kemptville Minor Football Club is committed to ensuring the safety of all its players, coaches, and staff. We strongly believe that football can be practiced and played with no more risk than any other sport.

How Does KMFC Promote Safety?

  • Annual Equipment Inspections – KMFC’s equipment is assessed before and after every season. Helmets are inspected and certified by Riddell representatives. Damaged helmets are sent for reconditioning and re-certification or they are discarded.
  • Mandatory Concussion Awareness Training – Coaches and player guardians are required to review concussion awareness resources before registering. Coaches must complete a concussion awareness course.
  • Coach Certification – In addition to concussion awareness, all coaches must have Safe Contact Certification. Coaches are also strongly encouraged to acquire additional coaching certifications though the OFA and the Coaching Association of Canada.
  • Proper Equipment Fitting – During equipment pick-up, players are fitted for their equipment, ensuring that pads and helmet provide proper protection. During games, referees enforce proper equipment and will send players off the field for missing pads, unbuckled helmets, no mouth-guard, etc.
  • Mandatory Safe Tackling – During the first weeks of practice, players are introduced to safe tackling. Safe contact certification for coaches is mandatory and is required to be taught at the start of every season.
  • Trainers – Every team is required to have a trainer to deal with any injuries. Many games will also have local physiotherapy and other trained staff in attendance.

Concussion Awareness

For more information on concussion awareness, please consult the following resources:

Safe Contact

For more information on safe contact and safe tackling, please consult the following resources: